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General FAQs

iBanking is a system allowing individuals to perform banking activities at home, via the internet. You can do any online banking activities such as account transfers, balance inquiries, bill payments, and stop-payment requests. Account information can be accessed anytime, day or night, and can be done from anywhere. A few online banks update information in real-time, while others do it daily. Once information has been entered, it doesn't need to be re-entered for similar subsequent checks, and future payments can be scheduled to occur automatically.
KBZ iBanking provides instant up-to-date access to your accounts from anywhere and anytime as long as you have access to the Internet. It is secure and easy-to-use. It is convenient and takes only a few “clicks on your mouse” to get updated account information and complete a banking transaction leaving you with more time for other things. You can perform KBZ iBanking right from the comfort of your home or office or anywhere in the world as long as internet is available.
3. Benefits of using KBZ iBanking are as follow :
  1. Service available at all time (24/7)
  2. Save time and cost of travelling
  3. Instant settlement, payment and transfer
  4. Able to do any type of financial transaction from the web or mobile application
  5. Able to receive instant notification for any action
Yes, this service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Yes, you can access KBZ iBanking service wherever you have the internet access.
Yes, this service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
You can access to KBZ iBanking with any Andriod and IOS devices.
You can use only local currency (Myanmar Kyats) at the moment.
Six type of accounts can be used which are :
  1. Saving account
  2. Current account
  3. Term deposit account
  4. Loan account
  5. Call deposit account
  6. KBZ MPU Card account

How to Apply iBanking?

Everyone can apply for KBZ iBanking who has KBZ Personal account or Corporate Account opened with the Flexcube Core Banking system.
You can apply KBZ iBanking by coming to bank in person. iBanking can be used as long as your bank account is opened via Flexcube system. For more details, please contact our KBZ call centre number 09253260087, 09253260091, 09252332845.
Yes, Companies can apply for KBZ iBanking.

Login FAQs

If you forgot your User ID, you have to come to the bank in person and provide following information and documents to bank staffs.
  1. Name
  2. NRC Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Mobile Number
Please click “Change Password” Button on the right corner on the page (this page will appear after log in page). Then type your current password and new password according to the instruction provided on that page. Then click “save” button to finish the request.
We highly recommend making the password which you can easily remember yourself. However, if you forgot your password, you can contact our KBZ call centre: 09253260087, 09253260091, 09252332845 and ask for advice.
There are two methods you can do if you forgot your password.
First one is : Click “ Forgot Password ” button on the log in page, then click on “ User ID “ box then key in your User ID then click submit .
Second one is : User have to come to the bank in person and then provide following information and documents to bank staffs.
  1. Name
  2. NRC Number
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Email Address
  5. Mobile Number
Yes, you can have only one log-in User ID for both iBanking & Mobile Banking services.

Security FAQs

The security features which we have put in place include:
  1. Industry's strongest SSL encryption
  2. Firewall
  3. Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  4. Automatic Logout Feature
  5. Constant alert and notification
  6. Constant and Vigilant Monitoring
  7. Regular Review and Audit
Technically - iBanking is very safe, encryption used between your PC and the Bank that is very difficult to decode / decipher. The insecure side is *you*! Don't ever leave your userID / password or anything like that written down for others to see and make sure no-one is looking over your shoulder.

Another issue is the security of your own PC - some software can be installed that allows other people to see what you're typing. Be sure to use a proper virus scanner and regularly check your system for spyware.
KBZ iBanking offers two type of passwords-
(1) Login Password – enables you to enter into the KBZ iBanking system to manage your banking transactions.
(2) One Time Password – is for security purpose in doing financial transactions.
It is an automatic security Logout for your iBanking access which is preventing others to use your iBanking account if you forgot to log out from your system. Time out will occur after some time if you do not use your iBanking account.
KBZ iBanking service complies with international Internet security standards and is built according to the highest encryption specifications.
You can try to log in for maximum 3 times. If you type your User ID wrong for more than 3 times, your account will be locked itself for security which is to prevent fraud. If you encounter this problem, please go to the nearest KBZ Flexcube branch. Therefore, we highly recommend remembering your userID, also gives the name that can remember easily.

Transaction and Service FAQs

You can do following type of transactions at online KBZ banking:
  1. Funds transfer within your own KBZ bank accounts
  2. Funds transfer from your bank account to other people bank account within KBZ bank
  3. Funds transfer to and from multiple accounts
  4. Bulk Payment
You can also make request to
  1. View cheque status inquiry
  2. Stop or unblock cheque
  3. View account statements
  4. Cheque Book Request
The Fund Transfer will take place after you initiate the transfer. The other parties can receive fund immediately.
Yes, you can transfer fund to any KBZ bank accounts that has been opened under Oracle Flexcube Core Banking system. You can’t transfer fund to the bank accounts which has kept under ACE system. If you want to verify about your account opened system type, please contact our KBZ call centre: 09253260087, 09253260091, 09252332845.
At this moment you can only do fund transfer to only KBZ account holders. In the future, we will add this service for our valued customer.
You can transfer funds to any flexcube system KBZ bank account holders but not to ACE system KBZ bank account holders. For more detail, please contact our KBZ call centre number: 09253260087, 09253260091, 09252332845.
Yes, you can change the transaction limits online. Please go to “Customer Services” tab then click “Change Users Limits”. However, you can only change the transaction limits within the bank specified limit.
No, you cannot change the e-mail address online due to security reasons. If you have to change your e-mail address, please go to the nearest KBZ Flexcube Core Banking System branch.
No, you cannot change the phone number online. If you want to change your mobile number, please go to the nearest KBZ Flexcube Core Banking System branch.
You can write to us at “Customer Services >> Mail Box” in KBZ iBanking system or at ibankingsupport@kbzbank.com.mm.

Technical FAQs

Normally, every computer and Android/IOS devices can access to KBZ iBanking.
KBZ iBanking can be accessed by any browser although we recommend Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.
KBZ iBanking can be accessed through a public PC. However, we suggest customers to avoid using the service from public PCs for better safety and security reasons.

Beta Version

The beta release is considered to be a preview of our iBanking platform and currently limited to certain groups/users only. It is a version used to make available for testing, typically by limited number of users outside the company that is developing the system before the wide public launch. During this phase, we will collect feedback from users about the product's functionality, including what they like and what should be changed before the general launch.
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